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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration serves a sole purpose in protecting your brand, slogan or logo. Registering now will let you use the registered symbol beside your name in a week. Initially, a rigorous search is performed over a TM directory and an authorization letter is drafted. Further, a discussion is carried out to check the specific class of the business fall under and followed by a final application with registrar.

Trademark registration enables owners to easily establish their right to the trademark in court and earn royalties. It also deters piracy and prevents similar company names from being registered by other businesses. You can conduct a trademark search, to check if your brand name clashes with existing trademarks. Owners of trademarks have exclusive rights to their use under the categories they are registered in (there are a total of 45 categories, called classes). In India, you could get a ™ within a week, but it takes up to two years for it to be registered so that you can use the ® symbol.

Company Registration

Registering a private limited company is one of the most popular ways of starting a business in India. It has various tax and regulatory advantages. Primarily, directors are supposed to be registered with MCA and then pick a relevant company name. Following to which, company MoA and AoA will be drafted.

A Private limited company has a minimum of two members and a maximum of fifty members. A director of a private limited company has limited liability to creditors. In case of a default, banks/creditors can sell only company’s assets but not the personal assets of directors. Start-ups and growing businesses choose to register a company in India because it allows outside funding to be raised easily, limits the liabilities of its shareholders and enables them to offer employee stock options to attract top talent. As these entities must hold board meetings and file annual returns with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), they tend also to be viewed with more credibility than an LLP, OPC, or General Partnership.

Tax Registration

All businesses require one or the other government registration to be legally accessible. We render advice on all particulars related to GST and fortify the be-suited transition to GST and also ensure all details of business are compliant with GST.

Goods & Services Tax (GST) will apply to all Indian service providers (including freelancers), traders and manufacturers, once their supply turnover crosses Rs. 20 lakh. The GST is an all-in-one tax that subsumes a variety of state (VAT, Entertainment Tax, Luxury Tax, Octroi) and central taxes (CST, Service Tax, Excise Duty). The procedure for GST is completely online and requires no manual intervention. There will also be a composition scheme under GST for businesses with a supply turnover of less than Rs. 50 lakh. The key word here is supply, which takes into consideration any turnover, including stock-taking, discounts and freebies. In fact, even those supplying non-taxable goods must register for GST. The business making sales to other states must register for GST, regardless of turnover.

Legal Documents

Businesses must have contracts in place for every deal they enter into, both internally with employees and externally with vendors and business partners.

Legal documentation includes terms that are the conditions on which service is being delivered, while the privacy policy explains to users about their information manipulation followed by the disclaimer which informs about the possible consequences of a service or any product. A formal communication in the form of Legal notice is posted to a person or entity informing him that you intend to undertake legal proceedings against him. Further, Service Level Agreement that elaborates on the service provided and Non-Disclosure Agreement briefs about the confidentiality. Legally acceptable Investment support contracts, Business collaboration agreements, and Hiring documents also come under legal documentation that includes founder agreement, MoU etc.


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